30 Things That Bring Me Joy During Quarantine

Here are 30 things that bring me happiness during this time where many of us spend large chunks of our time looking at the same 4 walls and the same 5 trees. I have recently had someone close to me pass away because of COVID and I find that focusing on the positives really improves my health and allows me to be resilient at work and in relationships. I hope they help you find ways to add some joy into your life.

  1. Books… many books
  2. Our new kitten, Cinnabun
  3. Running
  4. At-home yoga
  5. Road trips, or just random drives through town on occasion, to see something different
  6. Phone calls with friends across the country, in different countries, down the street
  7. Craft, puzzle, or movie nights with Jorge
  8. Daily walks
  9. Our now cleaner home
  10. Practicing guitar, finally with an amp
  11. Crochet
  12. Sketching
  13. Zoom calls with co-workers
  14. Helping people remotely via my internship
  15. Talking with fellow book nerds on Twitter
  16. Donating and getting rid of clutter
  17. Cooking for Jorge
  18. Stargazing trips in the Atchafalaya basin
  19. Occasional masked bookstore stops
  20. Hiking through sunflower and wildflower fields
  21. Going to pop-up flower shops
  22. Watching my favorite bands on live stream
  23. Having a chance to listen to new music
  24. Writing a children’s book with my fiancé
  25. Organizing
  26. Cinnabun again
  27. Daily walks across the apartment complex to check the mail and walk past the swampy creek we discovered right outside our place
  28. Seeing friends in a park, 6 feet away from each other, to catch up for the first time since the spring
  29. Occasional coffee shop visits to help me focus (but with mask on, and distancing, of course)
  30. Researching topics like the Berlin Wall and the history of the Navajo and Hopi communities.