My Fall “TBR” List

Hey guys, Today I'm going to share with you the books I've added this past year or so onto my Goodreads "Want to Read," or "TBR" list. I feel like this list ends up going on and on forever. There is sooo much I want to read and so little time (har har). But in… Continue reading My Fall “TBR” List

Things I Love to Read About in Books

Hey guys, so it's finally actually autumn in southern Louisiana and I feel like right now it is a perfect time to start grabbing those cups of coffee and fuzzy blankets (and possibly your pet kitten) and cozying up with a good book. So why don't you grab your own cup of coffee or tea… Continue reading Things I Love to Read About in Books

Mini Book Haul

Ok, so I guess you could call this a mini book haul. I am not out here buying an insane amount of books right now. But I got one for my nephews last weekend and two that I am really excited about for myself. First one is called The Gumazing Gum Girl by Rhode Montijo.… Continue reading Mini Book Haul