Things I Love to Read About in Books

Hey guys, so it’s finally actually autumn in southern Louisiana and I feel like right now it is a perfect time to start grabbing those cups of coffee and fuzzy blankets (and possibly your pet kitten) and cozying up with a good book. So why don’t you grab your own cup of coffee or tea and come join me for this next blog post about what I love to read about in books.

This post was inspired by another blogger, Sofii at A Book. A Thought. So thank you Sofii for inspiring this little post.

Obviously the Greatest Thing Ever TM:

#1: Detail-Rich Descriptions of Places and Spaces

I especially love Anne Rice’s work and any books I can find that have a similar style of writing. In my own books I do get a lot of inspiration from books that really describe what kind of a space we are in and do a lot of world-building. This could include environmental literature or even just something like a scene of a character fixing a car. I know these days it is hard for these longer novels to make it out there in the world but they really bring me a lot of joy. I think a lot of writers are pressured to be a little more streamlined, especially in YA fiction, so sometimes this can be hard to find.

#2: Historical Setting or Backdrop

I love when a book has a historical backdrop or takes place in a location such as New Orleans or Seattle or what have you but in a different time frame than the present day. Even just learning something about history from a fiction novel I am reading really makes me happy. I am not the biggest history “buffalo” or anything like that (lol) but it definitely makes it more interesting for me to read if I can learn something about a certain era in history such as the Civil War or the Victorian Era.

Even if it isn’t fiction I try to constantly read about how the field of criminal law developed, its historical context, and about historical events that allowed us to develop our American system of law and our modern criminal courts. One book I am reading as an audiobook on YouTube right now is called Bloodlands and while it isn’t the happiest of books it is incredibly interesting and informative.

#3: Scientific Elements

I can be a bit of a science nerd as well even though I have never gotten a science degree or anything like that. If I hadn’t gotten an English degree the thing I would have majored in would have been Biochemistry. On that note I absolutely adore sci-fi which is why of course I include in it Chimera in New Orleans and love to see it in a lot of the books I read. I am still on the lookout for this but I love any book that can combine scientific elements with fantasy, such as, oh I don’t know, an experiment on warlocks or something of the sort.

Basically, if you can’t tell already, if a book teaches me something about the real world, that is a big hook for me. I love to learn new things about topics that I don’t normally study and aren’t a part of my career or my everyday life.

What do you like to see in books that you read? Feel free to comment below. I would love to hear about what you love to read about and about any suggestions you have for science- or history-based novels or anything else. I don’t know about you all but audiobooks are my best friend right now.

I hope everyone is having a good end of their week. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this bite-sized post.

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