Bookshelf #1 – Shelves 1 and 2 – An Overview

An overview of my favorite books on the top two shelves of Bookcase #1! Featuring panda squishy.

My Fall “TBR” List

Hey guys, Today I'm going to share with you the books I've added this past year or so onto my Goodreads "Want to Read," or "TBR" list. I feel like this list ends up going on and on forever. There is sooo much I want to read and so little time (har har). But in… Continue reading My Fall “TBR” List

Things I Love to Read About in Books

Hey guys, so it's finally actually autumn in southern Louisiana and I feel like right now it is a perfect time to start grabbing those cups of coffee and fuzzy blankets (and possibly your pet kitten) and cozying up with a good book. So why don't you grab your own cup of coffee or tea… Continue reading Things I Love to Read About in Books